CLASS: general information about licensing

In 1925 the North Carolina General Assembly established the authority of the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors, amending Chapter 318 of the Public Laws, designed for the purpose of safeguarding life, health and property and to promote public welfare. The licensing statutes which govern the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors prescribe certain standards for persons, firms and corporations who enter into contracts for construction work in this state. The practice act providing specific regulatory authority over general contractors is found under N.C. General Statute 87, Article 1. Current laws in North Carolina define general contractors as persons, firms or corporations who enter into construction projects costing $30,000 or more.

Applying for Examination

Candidates must wait until they receive their Exam Eligibility Letter (good for 120 days) from the NC Licensing Board before calling to schedule a test. The letter will include scheduling instructions and a toll-free telephone number to make an exam appointment. Please refer to the Application form instructions under "General Examination Information" for additional information.

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Scheduling an Examination

AFTER receiving an Examination Eligibility Letter from PSI, candidates will schedule their examinations by calling the Candidate Services Call Center (CSCC) toll-free number included in the letter. Candidates may be able to schedule as little as two days in advance (based on space availability), but it is strongly recommended that they call at least two weeks prior to the date they wish to test. The CSCC accepts calls Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (EST). When calling to schedule, candidates are asked for the program name (which is NCGCB), and their identification number.

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Testing Dates and Locations

Computerized-based examinations for the Licensing Board for General Contractors are administered by PSI Examination Services. PSI publishes a Candidate Information Bulletin available here in Portable Document Format (PDF) format. Click here to download this document.

Candidates can reschedule examinations for any reason, without penalty, by calling CSCC three business days in advance. To reschedule an appointment candidates can use the Interactive Voice Response System by calling the toll free 800 number.

This system is available only for candidates who are already scheduled and is available Monday through Saturday (including holidays) from 8:00 midnight (EST). Candidates may also access the PSI web site for the Test Center Locator which provides test center directions. Candidates who do not reschedule and fail to appear for their appointment forfeit their examination fee and must pay again when rescheduling.

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The Testing Center

Arrive on time. One form of government issued photo identification is required at the test site (e.g. driver's license, state identification card, passport and military identification). Candidates may bring a silent, simple (I.e., four-function, nonprinting, non-programmable) pocket calculator. Calculators with alphabetic keys are NOT permitted. Weapons of any kind are NOT permitted in the test center.

No notes, cellular telephones, pagers or beepers will be permitted. Briefcases, backpacks, purses, bags, etc. will not be permitted in the testing lab.

Candidates will place belongings in a secure locker. Candidates will be provided with scratch paper to use during the examination(s). Candidates may not eat, drink or use tobacco in the testing lab.

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Computer Testing System

Examinations are administered on a personal computer similar to those in homes and offices. Answers are recorded using either a "mouse" or keyboard. The system is very simple to use, even for those with no previous typing or computer experience. Candidates have an opportunity to practice using the system before beginning their exam. The time used for practice is NOT deducted from the time available for the actual exam.)

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About the Exams

Since each examination and classification is different, information sheets included in this bulletin contain the scope of work, content, number of questions, time frame and reference material for each examination. All test questions are in a multiple-choice format, with one correct answer and three incorrect options.

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Score Report

As soon as candidates complete their tests, they receive an unofficial score report indicating whether they passed or failed. Failing candidates will receive a diagnostic report of their strengths and weaknesses in various content areas of the exam.

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Retaking Examinations

Failing candidates will need to contact the NC Licensing Board before rescheduling to take another exam. Also, failing candidates may not retake an examination until at least 30 days after the failed examination. Failing candidates are strongly encouraged to evaluate their diagnostic report and study, particularly the areas of weakness, prior to retaking their examination

The NC Licensing Board offers a two-hour review session for failing candidates. Reviews are held quarterly during the months of January, April, July and October. Candidates are charged a non-refundable $20 fee for the review. Candidates are referred to their official Notification of Examination Scores report form the NC Licensing Board for information concerning the scheduling of reviews.

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Fast Facts

  • A "General Contractor" license is required in North Carolina when the project exceeds $30,000.


  • Anyone seeking to be licensed as a general contractor in North Carolina shall file an application for an examination on a form provided by the Board, at least 30 days before any regular or special meeting of the Board.


  • Applicants must submit a completed application to get
    pre-approval from the State Licensing Board to take the exam.